Online consultations

Hello and welcome to the page about online consultation, I will detail every step to ensure you are well guided and have a smooth journey!


First of all, I will introduce myself, I am Paul Roger, a Chinese Medicine Practitioner based in Rouen, Normandy but I have spent 6 years in the UK in Redhill, Surrey and had a clinic in Caterham.

In my clinic, I mainly use the balance method of Dr Tan, granting instant results in seconds for pain and discomforts, using high strength magnets, placed on specific acupuncture point.

In the online consultation, I will first assess your needs and then guide you through placing the magnets on your body (arms, legs, feet or hands only) so that you can experience instant results almost as if you were receiving a full treatment at the clinic!

The advantage of you treating yourself is that you can adjust the frequency of the treatments based on your needs from once a week to three times a day if needed.

It can treat pain both for structural conditions (back, knee, tendonitis…) and internal conditions (tummy ache, painful periods, headache, migraines…) and can regulate the physiological systems in your body (digestion, sleep) and help you get more relaxed.

Here are the three steps:

First consultation 30 minutes – first contact

During this first step, you give me details of the situation that led you to make the appointment. I will then, ask you some more questions in order to get a full picture of the situation.

Once we have taken a look at the symptoms and your physiological environment, I will be able to decide on the best way to support you in a you alleviating the symptoms and re-balancing your body.

Depending on the type of balancing required (local, global, seasonal, etc.) I will advise you to choose the right number of magnets that you can use.

I will then let you order magnets and adhesive pads or adhesive plaster (essential for the magnets to hold in place).

You could get the magnets from various places, make sure there have a strength of 14500 Gauss and are about 12mm in diameter. I personally use the vitalgomag magnets that can be found on amazon. Remember to get the adhesive pads or plasters.

Once you are in possession of the magnets and adhesive material, we can arrange a second online consultation.

Second consultation 30 minutes – the treatment

With your magnets and adhesive medium close by, I will guide you point by point so that you place each magnet on specific areas of the body (arms and legs only – plan to wear loose clothes with the elbows and knees accessible).

As in the clinic, with the recommended magnets with a power of 14,500 GAUSS, the first results should arrive a few seconds after placing the magnets.

Once the results are present and the magnets are in place, we can end the consultation.

You can then keep the magnets for 30 minutes to 1h30 before removing them. Although I would recommend repeated 1h treatments, it is okay to keep the magnets up to 3 hours maximum.

I advise you to take note of the points used and on which sides, as well as to take pictures with your smartphone to be able to repeat the treatments up to 3 times a day if necessary for cases of very intense pain or discomfort.

WARNING: these online consultations only come in addition to conventional medicine, please visit your usual GP first in order to obtain a diagnosis and if necessary additional examinations, especially in cases of strong long lasting symptoms.

What next? – Check-up consultation – 30 minutes

With a fairly frequent rate of use of the magnets between several times a day to three times a week, the results of the treatment given should be very stable and measurable after 15 days during the follow-up consultation.

During this consultation we will re-assess the evolution of symptoms and proceed to establish a new balance treatment if necessary in order to continue improving your well-being, we will also set a date for a new consultation if necessary.


The price for each consultation is £30 for about 30 minutes

It includes the time spent with you and also the time spent studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Balance Method and the experience that will make your treatment have instant results and bring you long-lasting relief.

How to book?

Please contact me on WhatsApp at +33650679414 or by email at

If you are familiar with online bookings, you can also use my online booking system:

What if I have questions?

If you have any questions about magnets or your body’s reaction to their use, please contact me by email at or by phone on WhatsApp on 0650679414.